Agricultural Labor & Safety Services

Agricultural Labor & Safety Services (ALSS) through Michigan Farm Bureau offers a wide variety of products and services related to regulatory compliance in the agricultural industry and related businesses.

Below are some of the items available to members:

  • ALSS Newsletter Subscription - $145 per year. Includes minimum 6 newsletters per year along with a set of Federal and State mandated Farm Labor Poster Sets, and including Spanish poster.

  • Farm Labor Poster Sets w/o Subscription - $49.95 per set of 3

  • “ALSS Headliner” updates – Just send us your email and we’ll send samples of what’s in our newsletters

Also, offering a variety of on-farm consulting services tailored to meet your needs:

    • Occupational Safety & Health Administration requirements
    • Wage and hour rules
    • Seasonal worker requirements and immigration laws
    • Department of Transportation requirements
    • Good Agricultural Practices certification
    • Food safety and security

Along with expert translation services and bilingual training.