Entries are ramping up for the inaugural Agricultural Art Gallery, a new fundraising effort of the Michigan Foundation for Agriculture debuting at MFB’s 100th Annual Meeting, Dec. 3-5 in Grand Rapids. The first-of-its-kind competition is looking to spotlight the creative talents of Farm Bureau members statewide, with showcasing their work on a big stage and auctioning off the best of them to help fund the Foundation.

Among the entrants is Sanilac County farmer and agronomist Darcy Lipskey, who will be sharing one of her trademark ceramic creations and is excited to showcase her work on a bigger stage than she’s accustomed to.

“For me the Ag Art Gallery is kind of a unique opportunity to engage — instead of just attend — the annual meeting,” said Lipskey, whose family raises row crops and beef cattle near Minden City. “I love that it’s a different kind of chance to contribute my voice and be part of something larger than myself. State annual is always fun, but this adds to the experience. I get to feel even more part of the event and the organization itself.”

Even as a young 4-H participant, Lipskey has made time to foster her creative side.

“It’s actually a great stress reliever,” she said, alluding to some of the everyday tensions familiar to anyone with a foot in the farm sector.

Christmas is an ongoing theme of her work, rooted in a ceramic holiday tree she remembers from childhood.

“It's a tradition now and, completing the circle, it’s a pleasure to make them now myself as gifts, adding special little details to each one — no two of them are the same.”

Lipskey’s ceramics fall into the 3-D arts category alongside other forms of sculpture. Other categories include photography; fabric and fiber art; drawing and painting; metal art; and woodworking.

“We came up with the Ag Art Gallery concept not just to raise funds, but also to spotlight the creative sides of many of our members,” said Kate Thiel, who took over managing the Foundation last year. “We know our members’ creativity isn’t limited to designing and fabricating custom harvesters. It’s a side of them we don’t always see, so we thought this would be a great opportunity to encourage and recognize these facets that don’t always get the attention they deserve.”

All entries are considered donations to the Michigan Foundation for Agriculture and will be displayed in the DeVos Place’s Grand Gallery on Tuesday and Wednesday of the annual meeting (Dec. 3-4). There attendees will vote on their favorite items, with the most popular entry from each category — plus an overall, best-of-show winner — being auctioned off during the Centennial Gala Wednesday evening, Dec. 4.

The voting window begins with the President’s Luncheon on Tuesday and concludes with the Centennial Luncheon on Wednesday. Those pieces to be auctioned off will be announced Wednesday afternoon. The remaining entries will be available for purchase at their estimated value following the auction.

The deadline to enter your creation is Oct. 31, although the finished product needn’t materialize until its exhibition Dec. 3.

A 501c3 organization formed by Michigan Farm Bureau, the Michigan Foundation for Agriculture strives to positively contribute to the future of Michigan agriculture through leadership and educational programming.

For more information, contact Kate Thiel, 517-679-5741