By Jeremy C. Nagel

Newcomers to Michigan Farm Bureau’s state-level policy development committee came together for the first time Sept. 24 for a packed day of orientation and crash course on the issues they’re charged with sifting and sorting next month.

MFB Vice President Andy Hagenow welcomed these new members to the body he chairs:

  • Cliff Lipscomb — Kalamazoo County (Dist. 1)
  • Steve Williams — Livingston County (Dist. 3)
  • Jeanne Igl — Ingham County (Dist. 5)
  • Johanna Hopkins — Mecosta County (Dist. 7)
  • Jill Benson — Wexford County (Dist. 9)
  • Dean Shepeck — Menominee County (Dist. 11)
  • Nathan Clark — Midland County (Young Farmer)
  • David Dreves — Northwest Michigan (Young Farmer)
  • Michael DeRuiter — Oceana County (MFB Board of Directors)

“It’s a good idea to ask questions and speak up if you don’t understand something,” Hagenow advised those new to the group that ultimately will choose what recommendations are considered by delegates at this year’s state annual meeting. “You are not alone or on an island; you’ll always have backup from other committee members.”

The bulk of the committee’s work will take place at its next meeting, Oct. 8-9. That’s when they’ll sift through hundreds of policy recommendations sourced from the organization’s grassroots and sent up the chain of command from all 65 county Farm Bureaus.

By way of introduction, Hagenow encouraged the new committee members to share why they agreed to serve in their new capacity. The ensuing comments were picture postcards of high-level member involvement:

“I’m here to echo the concerns of other farmers and improve the bottom line of the dairy industry,” Shepeck contributed, alluding to the dominant commodity sector back home in Menominee County.

“I’ve been a Farm Bureau member for 40 years and just felt it was my turn to give back to the organization,” Hopkins said.

“I’ve served in a lot of capacities throughout the organization, but this is one place I haven’t been,” Clarke said. “This is the foundation of a great organization and I’m glad to be part of that.”

“I feel Farm Bureau’s voice this is the best voice farmers have,” Lipscomb said, speaking to the importance of “getting policy to the government so they know how we’re thinking.”

Rounding out MFB’s 2019 PD committee are:

  • Ned Bever, Hillsdale County (Dist. 2)
  • Renee McCauley, Kent County (Dist. 4)
  • Rob Haag, Huron County (Dist. 6)
  • Mark Daniels, Gratiot County (Dist. 8)
  • Greg Whittaker, Cheboygan County (Dist. 10)
  • John Bowsky, Sanilac County (Young Farmer)
  • Kellie Fox, Oceana County (Promotion & Education)
  • Craig Denny, Ionia County (At Large)
  • Tim Hood, Van Buren County (At Large)
  • Jeff Sandborn, Ionia County (MFB Board of Directors)