Proposed policy resolutions approved by delegates at the county annual meeting

View the resolutions below that were approved at the county annual and submitted to the state policy development committee to be considered at the Michigan Farm Bureau annual meeting. 

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Policy TitlePolicy
088-Wildlife ManagementLandowners would like the ability to hunt & manage sandhill cranes. We support a hunting season for sandhill cranes.
068-Streamlining Michigan GovernmentDuring most of 2020, the citizens and businesses of Michigan have been under Executive Orders imposed by Governor Whitmer during what she has declared a State of Emergency. The power afforded to Michigan’s Governor to impose such a State of Emergency for an extended period of time is in question, because of two conflicting state statutes passed as far back as 1945. We support: The passage of a new statute, and repeal of the above two referenced laws. The new statute would provide that any future State of Emergency Order would be in effect and expire after 14 calendar days, unless extended by a majority positive vote of both the House and Senate of the Michigan Legislature. Michigan Farm Bureau working with and supporting the citizen-initiated legislation to gather signatures to repeal the 1945 law.